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AI-Powered Code Review Assistant

What The Diff

Streamline your code review process with What The Diff, the AI-powered code review assistant. Instantly refactor code and generate plain English summaries for your pull requests.

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Project Description

What The Diff is revolutionizing the code review process with its AI-powered code review assistant. The platform is designed to help development teams write better pull request descriptions, review and merge changes more efficiently, and keep non-technical team members informed. One of the key features of What The Diff is instant code refactoring, which eliminates the time-consuming back-and-forth between reviewers and authors often spent on minor changes. Simply comment on the lines of code with /wtd and describe the desired changes, and What The Diff will automatically suggest the refactored changes in the pull request—accept them with just a single click. What The Diff also translates the diff of your pull requests into concise and easily understandable summaries, perfect for sharing with your team or pasting into your changelog. Say goodbye to trying to decipher wip commits or ambiguous fixes in pull request titles. With the power of machine learning and multiple AI models, What The Diff provides you with descriptive comments about code changes in plain English, helping you understand the context and reasoning behind the changes. Leveraging the GitHub/Gitlab API, What The Diff ensures your code privacy by not storing your code. Whether you're a developer looking to streamline your workflow or a non-technical team member seeking clarity, What The Diff is the go-to solution for accessible, efficient, and informative code reviews. Join the community and experience the benefits of an AI-powered code review assistant​.