Voice Generation Technology


Harness the potential of Voiceful's cutting-edge voice generation and transformation technology to create human-like voice signals and enhance audio content for creative media industries.

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Project Description

Voiceful is a trailblazer in the realm of voice generation and transformation technology, leveraging recent advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the way audio content is produced and manipulated. With Voiceful, users can create a voice model that captures the unique traits and singing expression of a speaker or singer from a set of recordings. Once loaded, this voice model enables the generation of new content that accurately mirrors human-like voice signals. In addition to voice generation, Voiceful offers patented voice transformation technology that integrates seamlessly in real-time applications, such as plugins for Unity videogames and audio FX in digital audio workstations (DAWs), as well as batch processing tools for post-production workflows in film, games, animation, TV, and music. Voiceful empowers creatives to manipulate voice recordings without compromising original voice quality. Voiceful's innovative VoAlign tool streamlines the editing process by automatically analyzing and correcting voice recordings. In film applications, VoAlign synchronizes voice recordings for Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) workflows and generates lip-synched animations through onset and phonetic alignment. For music applications, VoAlign estimates the musical key of a capella recordings and applies pitch correction for perfect tuning. Beyond creative media, Voiceful's algorithms can be extended for medical or forensic applications, unlocking a wealth of information contained within voice recordings, such as words, emotions, notes, intonation, and tempo. With Voiceful, users can elevate their audio content to new heights, giving voice to their ideas and unleashing their creativity in unprecedented ways.