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Ubie AI Symptom Checker

Discover possible causes of your symptoms with Ubie, an AI-powered symptom checker developed by doctors. Receive a free, personalized report with insights on when to seek medical care and potential treatments.

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Project Description

Ubie is revolutionizing the way individuals assess their health with its AI-powered symptom checker. As Japan's top healthcare startup, Ubie's mission is to develop a comprehensive healthcare guide that is accessible to everyone. With an easy-to-use 3-minute questionnaire, Ubie's advanced AI system analyzes your symptoms and generates a free report on possible causes, helping you make informed decisions about your health. Users receive a personalized report that offers valuable information, such as when to see a doctor, potential causes of symptoms, and treatment options. The accuracy and reliability of Ubie's AI are bolstered by its robust academic data and collaboration with over 50 medical experts worldwide, ensuring that the platform is continuously updated and improved. With over 50,000 clinical data sources and the supervision of experienced medical professionals, Ubie's AI is based on a wealth of published scientific research. Trusted by over 900 medical institutions globally, Ubie is a valuable resource that empowers individuals to take control of their health and seek appropriate medical care. Whether you are experiencing unfamiliar symptoms or seeking insights into your wellbeing, Ubie provides a quick and convenient solution. Join the growing community of Ubie users and experience the benefits of AI-powered healthcare, available in Japan, the United States, and other countries around the world