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Type Studio is the perfect solution for easy and joyful podcast, stream, and interview editing. Our AI generates the most accurate transcripts and removes filler words or pauses. Repurpose your content into TikToks, Reels, and Shorts without any editing experience or training needed. Join over +200,000 satisfied creators and podcasters and start editing and growing your podcast today. Try Type Studio for free and say goodbye to boring content!

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Welcome to Type Studio, your one-stop-shop for all your podcast, stream, and interview editing needs. We understand the importance of creating great content that resonates with your audience, which is why we use cookies to improve your experience on our platform. With our user-friendly interface and cutting-edge tools, you don't need any editing experience or training to produce top-quality audio and video content. Our fast, simple, and joyful editing platform is designed to help you edit and grow your podcasts, streams, and interviews effortlessly. Our text-based editing feature allows you to easily convert long-form podcasts into short clips, enabling you to promote your episode across all your social media platforms. With our auto-generated transcripts, you can remove filler words or pauses from your audio, and get the most accurate transcript in no time. At Type Studio, we believe in the power of podcasts to reach more people and grow your audience. We help you focus on consistency by producing new episodes without any hassle. With our repurposing feature, you can turn long-form content into highlights and get the most out of it. You can easily edit and grow your podcast with our user-friendly tools, and reach more people by promoting your episodes across your socials. We cater to a wide range of creators and teams, from content marketing to courses to podcasts. Our editor gives you the space to share all the work that matters. Our tool is not just limited to podcasts; we also edit Zoom interviews, recordings, live streams, and talking head videos. With over 200,000 creators and podcasters using Type Studio, it has become the number one tool for easy and fast editing. Check out our testimonials to see why our clients love us. If you're ready to get started, try Type Studio for free today with no credit card required. Our variety of functionality includes features such as "uhm" removal, auto subtitling, translate subtitles, format resizing, podcast templates, and repurposing content. Type Studio makes sure that you don't create boring content, so why wait? Sign up now and join the community of podcasters and creators around the world who love Type Studio.