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Sembly AI

Sembly is the ultimate AI team assistant for productive professional meetings - transcribing and generating insights, GlanceView meeting summaries, searchable records, and automated follow-ups. With seamless integration with major meeting platforms, Sembly can attend, record and transcribe meetings for you. Featuring multi-language support, AI-identified to-do items, automatic risk and requirement recognition, and enriching workflows with integrations, Sembly is designed for individuals, teams, and enterprise-level organizations. Enjoy enterprise-grade security and privacy compliance with GDPR and SOC 2 certification. Try Sembly for free or choose from our affordable pricing plans.

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Project Description

Sembly is the smartest AI team assistant designed to make all your meetings productive. Transcribing and generating insights for your professional meetings, Sembly takes meeting notes so that you stay focused and never miss an important action, decision, issue, risk, event, requirement, and much more. Find past meetings effortlessly with a searchable record that lives in one place. Enjoy high-accuracy transcription, speaker identification, and clear filler words with time-stamped notes and bookmarks. Sembly generates smart GlanceView™ meeting summaries with discussed topics and their details for you to stay informed without attending. You can automate your follow-ups by generating, editing, and sharing meeting minutes with automatic Meeting Minutes templates. Sembly transcribes, records, and reviews all meetings in one place and automatically attends and records Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings. Sembly is multi-language supported, and you can upload audio or video files to generate a transcript, meeting notes, and insights for pre-recorded meetings. With advanced search, you can aggregate discussions across all major conference platforms in one searchable, shareable, and secure meeting library. Sembly also offers voice identification and voice commands for in-meeting insight detection, and you are in full control of Sembly agent during the meeting. Revolutionize meeting productivity with Semblian™, Sembly's ChatGPT for your meetings. Craft personalized messages and get valuable insights into meeting efficiency and effectiveness, allowing management and businesses to optimize internal processes and identify areas for improvement. Sembly provides automated meeting notes by extracting discussed actions, decisions, issues, risks, events, requirements, and more. It automatically identifies risk items for products or processes and tracks impactful data-driven facts in your meeting with notable items recognition. Sembly recognizes requirements automatically, making it great for requirements gathering, client feedback, and more. The platform also captures your planned events along with relevant target dates, due dates, and assigned teammates where appropriate. Designed for everyone, from individuals to enterprises, Sembly comes with a web application, iOS, and Android apps, Chrome extension, and integration with Philips SmartMeeting and Microsoft Teams. The platform is GDPR compliant and SOC 2 certified, ensuring the security, stability, and reliability of our platform. Sembly has a free Personal plan, a Professional plan at $10 monthly with 7-Day free trial, and a Team plan at $20 monthly per user with a 7-Day free trial. If you're a large organization, contact the sales team for Enterprise plans. With Sembly, make your meetings productive, and take growth initiatives to the next level.