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Unrobot is your personal AI assistant on Telegram, providing automated responses and assistance for commonly asked questions. Experience convenient and user-friendly support through the Telegram app.

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Project Description

Unrobot is an innovative AI assistant that offers users personalized support and assistance directly through the Telegram messaging platform. Designed to enhance the user experience, Unrobot is capable of providing automated responses to commonly asked questions, allowing users to receive immediate and efficient support whenever they need it. As a Telegram-based chatbot, Unrobot is available to anyone who has the Telegram app installed on their device. It can be easily accessed and downloaded through the Telegram website, making it a convenient option for users looking for quick and reliable assistance. Unrobot's artificial intelligence capabilities allow it to understand and respond to a wide range of inquiries, ensuring that users receive accurate and helpful information. In addition to AI-driven support, Unrobot offers the added benefit of human assistance through the contact @unsupport. This unique feature allows users to connect with a support staff member for more complex issues that may require human intervention. The seamless integration of AI and human support ensures that users receive comprehensive and tailored assistance. Overall, Unrobot is a user-friendly and efficient tool for obtaining AI assistance and support through Telegram. Whether you have a simple question or require in-depth support, Unrobot is ready to assist you at a moment's notice. Join the Unrobot community on Telegram and experience the convenience and benefits of having your own personal AI assistant at your fingertips