Synthesizer V


Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V Studio offers an expanding inventory of voices to accelerate the prototyping stage of music creation. Experience unlimited vocal expressions with dynamic vocal modes like chest, belt, and breathy. Visualize your modifications in real-time with Live Rendering and break the language barrier with Cross-Lingual Synthesis. Explore and customize voices from various vendors in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Open your ears to the Synthesizer V experience and download now.

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Project Description

Synthesizer V Studio is the ultimate music creation tool for those looking to accelerate their prototyping stage. With our expanding inventory of voices, we ensure that you have access to unlimited vocal expressions that are ready to plug-and-play with ease. Our dynamic vocal modes, such as chest, belt, and breathy, give you complete control over the customization of the voices, allowing you to create unique sounds that are truly your own. Our Live Rendering feature allows you to visualize your modifications in real-time via waveforms, helping you minimize hearing fatigue and reduce the idea-to-sound cycle. We also break the language barrier with our Cross-Lingual Synthesis feature, empowering any voice to sing in English, Japanese, or Chinese, ensuring that our voices can sing with any accent you desire. We take great pride in our impressive roster of vendors, including AHS Co., Ltd, AUDIOLOGIE, Dreamtonics Co., Ltd, E-CAPSULE Co., Ltd, Eclipsed Sounds, Quadimension, and Animen. With a wide variety of feminine and masculine voices to choose from, you have complete control over the vocal characteristics to match your music's style. Our Synthesizer V Studio Series features an extensive operating system that runs natively on Windows, macOS, and Linux. We even function on Apple Silicon. Join us and experience the Synthesizer V quality with our featured demo songs from Dreamtonics, TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT, Eclipsed Sounds, and AHS Co., Ltd. With our focus on quality, innovation, and expertise, Synthesizer V is the perfect tool for those looking to create unique sounds that are true to their style. So, come join us today and open your ears to the Synthesizer V experience – we're sure you'll love it!