Get a lightning-fast and uninterrupted ChatGPT experience on your Mac with the native macOS app by swiftGPT. Elevate your game with easy access, cost tracking, and familiarity of the chat UI. With dark mode support and everything you need to enhance your ChatGPT experience, download the app for free today. Stay tuned for the upcoming iPhone and iPad launch by subscribing to our newsletter. Upgrade now!

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Project Description

If you're a ChatGPT user on your Mac and want to enhance your experience, look no further than the native macOS app from swiftGPT. With a lightning-fast interface and seamless integration with ChatGPT, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. The app allows you to effortlessly access ChatGPT on your Mac, with the familiarity and ease of use that comes with a native chat UI. And, with the ability to use your own OpenAI API key, you'll have the peace of mind of having full control over your data and interactions. In addition, swiftGPT lets you track your conversation costs, so you can stay on top of your expenses and make informed decisions about your usage. And with history of conversations available, you can easily review past interactions and see how they contributed to your total cost. One of the many benefits of swiftGPT is its dark mode support, which allows you to switch between light and dark mode for a visually comfortable experience. Plus, the app is completely free to download and use. What's more, swiftGPT is constantly evolving and improving. The company is dedicated to providing the best ChatGPT experience on all platforms, and is committed to launching an iPhone and iPad app soon. Stay tuned by subscribing to its newsletter, and be the first to know when it's available. In short, if you're a ChatGPT user who wants to streamline your experience on your Mac, download the swiftGPT app today. It's fast, seamless, and will elevate your ChatGPT game to the next level.