Web Article Summarization

Summate offers on-demand web article summarization using OpenAI's natural language processing technology. Quickly generate concise summaries from full-text articles.

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Project Description is revolutionizing the way users engage with online content by providing an on-demand web article summarization tool that leverages the power of OpenAI's natural language processing technology. With, users can quickly generate concise and meaningful summaries from web articles, making it easier to understand and digest information efficiently. The process begins with the extraction of the full text of the article using Full-Text RSS, a free software designed for article extraction. then utilizes OpenAI's cutting-edge NLP technology to produce summaries that capture the essence of the article. Due to the OpenAI API's limitations on large text submissions, summarization may only be based on a portion of the article. Despite this, ensures that the generated summaries are accurate and valuable to users. is a free service, making it accessible to a wide audience. Developers are also welcome to use the same APIs, opening up opportunities for integration and expansion. To keep users informed and engaged, offers an email list for receiving updates on the service, and encourages users to experiment with the summarization tool. Whether you're a student, researcher, professional, or simply an avid reader,'s web article summarization tool is a valuable addition to your toolkit. Experience the convenience and efficiency of, and make the most of your online reading experience with the help of AI-powered summarization​