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Studio M64 is a hub of creativity, innovation, and strategy. Join a community of independent artists, strategists, and tinkerers working on projects driven by the joy of creation.

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Project Description

Studio M64 is an innovative creative studio that brings together independent artists, strategists, and tinkerers who are passionate about music, strategy, and innovation. Founded by Mighil and Milan, the studio operates as a vibrant community dedicated to developing micro-services and other creative projects, all of which are driven by the pure joy and delight of creation. In addition to working on in-house projects, Studio M64 collaborates with select companies to bring their creative ideas to life, helping them make a lasting impact and forge meaningful connections with their target audiences. The studio's ethos revolves around simplicity, and its minimalist website reflects this guiding principle. Studio M64 is not just a workspace; it is a creative haven where individuals are encouraged to unleash their creativity, explore new ideas, and engage in collaborative efforts. Aspiring creatives who wish to be part of this dynamic community are invited to write to Studio M64 and explore the opportunities available. Whether you are an artist, strategist, or tinkerer, Studio M64 welcomes you to join the journey of creative discovery and contribute to the culture of innovation and inspiration that defines the studio​