Stenography is the ultimate solution for automatic documentation. With its VSC extension, Autopilot feature, powerful API, and Stack Overflow suggestions, finding answers has never been easier. Stenography also prioritizes privacy and offers 250 free monthly invocations, leaving your code secure and accessible. Check out live examples and extensions on our Notion page or schedule a call for more information. Developed by OpenAI Developer Ambassador Bram Adams, Stenography is the innovative solution for all your documentation needs.

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Project Description

Stenography is revolutionizing the way developers document their code by providing automatic documentation through its powerful VSC extension. With Autopilot, every time you save your codebase, it is documented for you automatically. This means you can focus on coding without worrying about documenting your work. Stenography also provides a powerful API that allows developers to pass in code and receive an explanation in plain English. You can customize the API to suit your needs, making it a versatile tool for simplifying your development process. The system is designed to reduce the time and frustration spent searching for answers on Stack Overflow or trawling the web for documentation. Stenography integrates Stack Overflow Suggestions and Linked Documentation directly into your codebase, making it easier than ever to access the information you need. Stenography is privacy-focused, and your code remains on your system. The platform uses a passthrough API, which means it does not store any code. You can use Stenography with confidence, knowing that your code is safe and secure. With 250 free monthly invocations, you can try Stenography without any commitment. If you need more, you can schedule a call with the team, who will be happy to discuss your specific requirements. Stenography was built by Bram Adams, an OpenAI Developer Ambassador, and GPT-3 O'Reilly Media instructor. It is a powerful tool that aims to make coding easier and more efficient for developers. Check out the live running list of examples and extensions on our Notion page to see how Stenography can work for you. Choose Stenography and experience the power of automatic documentation. Try the VSC extension today or use the API in your browser. Join the growing community of developers who have made Stenography a part of their development process.