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Discover the power of Stable Diffusion with our new upscaling API! Our open-source models and generative text-to-image suite can help you reimagine your creative toolbox. Try DreamStudio and download our Stable Diffusion plugins for Photoshop and Blender to take control of your designs. Join our community of over 140,000 members and partners in developing cutting-edge open AI models for various industries. Read our latest announcements, including the launch of StableLM and our partnership with Peter Gabriel for the #DiffuseTogether AI animation challenge.

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Project Description

Stability AI has announced the launch of their upscaling API, designed to help developers create stunning applications and enhance the quality of their digital content. The API offers Stable Diffusion, the fastest-growing open-source project, along with other Stability models that users can implement in their own projects. The company is committed to building the foundation for harnessing humanity's potential through AI, offering an innovative solution to any creative task. The platform API and DreamStudio let developers take control of their workflow and create unique designs using generative text-to-image technology. Stable AI's open-source research hubs are dedicated to developing cutting-edge AI models for image, language, audio, video, 3D, biology, and more. With over 140,000 members globally, the company is working with world-leading industry partners and experts to create fair and open research contributing to the field of AI. The launch of their upscaling API is another milestone in their journey to advance AI technologies and make them accessible to everyone. Join Stability AI in building the future of AI by clicking the link above to learn more.