AI Contract Drafting


Expedite contract drafting with Spellbook's AI-powered review. Utilizing GPT-4, Spellbook suggests terms, detects aggressive language, and enhances legal drafting.

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Project Description

Spellbook is a cutting-edge legal technology platform that revolutionizes the contract drafting process through the power of AI. Using OpenAI's GPT-4 and other large language models, Spellbook seamlessly reviews and suggests optimal terms for your contracts, all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Word. Designed to streamline legal drafting, Spellbook empowers attorneys and legal professionals to draft contracts three times faster. The platform's AI analyzes the context of each agreement and instantly drafts new clauses and sections tailored to the specific circumstances. In addition, Spellbook identifies sneaky or unusual terms, providing immediate alerts on aggressive language that may require additional scrutiny. Beyond drafting, Spellbook acts as a valuable negotiation tool. It suggests common points of negotiation and lists missing clauses and definitions that are essential to the agreement. With the upcoming Auto Diligence feature, Spellbook will automatically detect the most pressing issues across an entire dataroom, further enhancing the legal review process. Spellbook goes beyond understanding contracts; it is trained on Wikipedia, books, and the Internet, allowing it to reference relevant facts about the world. As the only GPT-4 powered tool specifically tuned for contracting and integrated with Microsoft Word, Spellbook offers unparalleled performance in legal AI. Unlock the potential of AI-enhanced contract drafting with Spellbook. Whether you are closing deals or negotiating terms, Spellbook ensures accuracy, efficiency, and strategic value. Experience the future of legal drafting and book a demo to discover how Spellbook can transform your legal practice. Get early access to Spellbook and be at the forefront of AI-powered legal innovation.