Semantic Scholar

AI-Powered Research Tool


Semantic Scholar is an AI-powered research tool that uses advanced AI and engineering to help scholars discover relevant scientific publications across various fields of science.

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Project Description

Semantic Scholar is a powerful AI-powered research tool that is revolutionizing the world of academic research. Developed by the Allen Institute for AI, this innovative platform aggregates scientific literature from a diverse array of fields, including nanotechnology and moral reasoning, to help scholars discover relevant publications and advance their research endeavors. With over 211 million papers archived on the platform, Semantic Scholar offers an extensive repository of knowledge that is accessible to researchers worldwide. The platform's beta program, Semantic Reader, enhances the reading experience by providing an augmented view of scientific literature. This feature increases accessibility and adds richness to the literature, empowering researchers to gain deeper insights into their studies. In addition to its core features, Semantic Scholar boasts a newly improved API for developers, enabling seamless integration and access to the platform's vast database of research papers. This API comes with better documentation and improved stability, further enhancing the user experience. At its core, the Allen Institute for AI is dedicated to creating efficiency in AI research to reduce carbon footprint and promote inclusivity. Researchers who use Semantic Scholar can sign up and stay connected to receive alerts about relevant papers and updates about new features and releases. The platform also offers a detailed FAQ section and tutorials to help users understand its full range of capabilities. Open to publishers who want to contribute their research, the Semantic Scholar team is composed of expert researchers who work diligently to curate and maintain the platform's vast knowledge base. Overall, Semantic Scholar stands as a highly useful research tool for scholars, allowing them to discover and explore relevant scientific publications with the power of AI. Join the Semantic Scholar community and experience the benefits of cutting-edge research discovery