ScribeAI is a powerful AI-powered extension for VS Code that provides ChatGPT-like capabilities. You can use it to enhance and automate your coding experience by talking directly to an AI chatbot. With Scribe AI, you can ask questions about your code, modify and improve it, or generate comments with ease. Discover the endless possibilities of AI-assisted coding now. Install ScribeAI for free and enjoy a new level of coding efficiency today!

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Project Description

ScribeAI is an amazing ChatGPT-like extension for users of Visual Studio Code who are looking to incorporate AI-driven technology into their coding process. With ScribeAI, users can have an AI chatbot like ChatGPT right within VS Code, acting as an AI programming assistant to help understand complex code, modify and improve code, and even generate comments for your code. The possibilities are endless! The extension is incredibly user-friendly. Simply highlight any piece of code, click on the chat icon to open up a conversation with ScribeAI, and start talking with the AI just like in ChatGPT! All your conversations are saved in your workspace, which allows you to look back on them as notes. In addition, ScribeAI offers many amazing features that make coding a breeze. In particular, the Ask AI feature allows users to interview ScribeAI with any code-related questions such as "Explain the code," to which the AI generates a thoughtful and informative response. Users can also edit code using the AI edit feature, which includes options such as refactoring, rewriting the code in different languages, adding docstrings, and fixing mistakes. ScribeAI is available for installation either through the Visual Studio Code Marketplace or by downloading and installing the .vsix file from Releases. To use ScribeAI for the first time, it will ask for your OpenAI API key, and setting this up is very easy. The extension is compatible with all programming languages and offers extensive support for users. The OpenAI ChatGPT model is also available for use and can be selected by going to User Settings via Code -> Preferences -> Settings and choosing ScribeAI Settings. This wonderful contribution to programming would not have been possible without OpenAI's API, and the Scribe AI Team thanks the developers and the VS Code community for their support. If you found ScribeAI useful, please consider donating to encourage and motivate the development team to keep going. Overall, ScribeAI is a must-have extension for coders who are looking to level up their coding process with the assistance of AI-driven technology. Try installing it today and watch your coding experience transform!