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Reword is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps teams collaborate ethically and write outstanding articles for their readers. With Reword, you can generate people-first content ideas, explore your topic without leaving the editor, optimize for reader intent, and collaborate with AI trained on your published articles. Plus, you'll get actionable advice, fix readability and grammar mistakes, and level up your entire team with their own AI assistant. Start writing people-first articles that perform today with Reword.

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Project Description

Are you struggling to come up with fresh, original ideas for your articles? Do you spend hours researching your topics but still feel like you're missing something? Look no further than Reword - the AI-powered assistant that helps your team collaborate ethically to write outstanding articles for your readers. Reword's Ideation feature brings people-first ideas to the forefront, using an understanding of your audience to generate novel content ideas that you may never have thought of. But it doesn't stop there - Reword's Research feature brings cited insights straight to your writers, allowing them to become experts on the topic at hand. Optimization is key in today's saturated digital landscape, but Reword shifts the focus away from just keywords and instead optimizes for your readers' intent, ensuring you have topical coverage. And with Augmentation, you can collaborate with an AI that's trained on your published articles, allowing for unbeatable intelligence that's trained by your own words. But it's the little things that really matter, like SEO optimization that's rewarded by search engines and actionable advice to create articles that perform. Reword even fixes readability and grammar mistakes in seconds, leaving you and your team to focus on what really matters: writing articles that are engaging, informative, and people-first. Don't have a large team? No problem - Reword is designed to become a part of your team, giving everyone the power of their own AI assistant. And with integrations that allow you to connect with your existing CMS, Reword keeps your content repository in check with its 2-way synchronization. The best writers are already using Reword, and you can join them today with a free trial. Start writing people-first articles that perform and see the results for yourself.