Remove Video Background

Remove Video Background


Unscreen provides an automatic and easy-to-use solution for removing video backgrounds. Achieve background-free video without the need for chroma keying or greenscreens.

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Project Description

Unscreen is revolutionizing the way video backgrounds are removed with its innovative and powerful AI-powered technology. Say goodbye to complex and fiddly techniques like chroma keying and greenscreens. With Unscreen, you can effortlessly record your footage anywhere and then simply get rid of the background to achieve a clean and professional look. Unscreen's advanced technology automatically analyzes your video without the need for picking pixels, selecting colors, painting masks, or moving paths. The platform generates a high-quality result, leaving you with a background-free video that is ready for further editing or sharing. Unscreen's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both professionals and novices in the field of video editing. For users seeking enhanced features and capabilities, Unscreen Pro offers Full HD resolution, no watermarks, API and plugin support, full-length clips, video file download, and audio support. Unscreen Pro also includes a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, enabling seamless integration and streamlined video editing workflows. Whether you are a content creator, a marketing professional, or simply someone looking to enhance your video content, Unscreen provides a convenient and reliable solution for removing video backgrounds. Experience the simplicity and precision of Unscreen's technology and elevate the quality of your videos. Join the growing community of users who trust Unscreen for their video background removal needs​