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Reflect AI

Elevate your note-taking with Reflect AI, a powerful app that leverages GPT-4 to efficiently store thoughts, books, and meetings. Sync notes, track agendas, and encrypt your content with Reflect AI.

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Project Description

Reflect AI is a game-changing note-taking app that uses the power of GPT-4 to help users store their thoughts, books, and meetings with remarkable efficiency. Whether you need to quickly capture ideas or keep track of meeting agendas, Reflect AI has you covered with real-time syncing across devices and seamless calendar integration. The app is thoughtfully designed to support custom prompts, enabling users to tailor the note-taking experience to their unique needs. Safety and privacy are paramount with Reflect AI, as the app provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only you have access to your notes. Take advantage of innovative features such as backlinking notes, forming a graph of interconnected ideas, capturing snippets from browsers and Kindle, and sharing your notes with a single click. Reflect App, LLC, the global team behind Reflect AI, is on a mission to create the world's best note-taking app, empowering users to think more effectively. Reflect AI offers a low monthly rate and a free 14-day trial, inviting users to experience the future of note-taking. Join the Reflect AI community and unlock a world of organized thoughts and ideas.