Prospre's Meal Plan Generator


Prospre's Meal Plan Generator

Prospre offers personalized meal plans tailored to your specific macro targets. Our meal plan generator creates instant plans based on your calorie and macro goals, with the ability to customize your plan by swapping out meals and adding your own recipes. Our macro tracker ensures you stay on track with over 150 nutrients for 300,000+ food items. Plus, our AI Coach provides suggestions based on your weight and food intake. With Prospre, macro-based dieting has never been easier. Get started today!

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Project Description

If you're struggling to hit your macro targets and finding it hard to come up with meal plans that work for you, Prospre has got you covered. With the Prospre meal plan generator, you can say goodbye to the frustration and time-consuming task of calculating nutrition and creating a custom diet plan. Our meal plan creator allows you to easily generate personalized meal plans that match your calorie and macro goals. Plus, you can adjust the plan to your liking by swapping out meals and days. With Prospre's macro tracker, you can track everything you eat, from the barcodes to manually adding them to the database. Our comprehensive database tracks over 150 nutrients for 300,000+ food items so you can easily monitor your progress. Choose "Fit Into Plan" to adjust your plan to fit in a treat while still hitting your macros, making it easy to stick to your diet. Our app also lets you customize your meal plans by picking your own recipes, inputting your allergies, and setting ranges for your macros. You'll also receive an automatic grocery list with everything you need to follow your plan, making grocery shopping easy and convenient. The AI Coach is here to help you stay on track at all times. Analyzing your weight and the foods you ate, it provides suggestions to keep you on track. You can get automatic suggestions on how to adjust your macros to stay on pace with your goals. Plus, our macro tracker and weight progress graphs help you keep track of your journey. Don't just take our word for it, try out our app and see what our users are raving about. With a 4.8/5 App Store rating, our users love the simplicity and effectiveness of the app. From fitness newbies to trained athletes, our app is perfect for anyone looking to stay on track with their diet goals. Prospre was created with the goal of making macro-based dieting easier and more sustainable. With our meal plan creator, automation, and AI Coach, we've got everything you need to hit your macros without sacrificing taste or variety. Try Prospre today and see the difference it makes.