Voice Chat Extension


Promptheus is a Chrome extension that enables voice communication with ChatGPT. Press the spacebar to start fluent voice conversations, enjoy in-browser voice processing, and browse from anywhere.

Screenshot for Promptheus

Project Description

Promptheus is a groundbreaking Chrome Web Store extension that revolutionizes the way users communicate with ChatGPT by enabling voice interactions instead of typing. With a simple press of the spacebar, users can engage in conversations with ChatGPT that are faster and more fluent than traditional text-based interactions. All voice processing is performed securely within the browser, ensuring that no recordings or data are sent elsewhere except the ChatGPT chat window. The extension is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring options such as activating voice only when the text input bar isn't focused and opening ChatGPT in a popup for seamless browsing from anywhere. The developer prioritizes user privacy and has made it clear that user data will not be collected or used. Reviews of the extension have praised its accuracy and speed in speech-to-text conversion, although some users note that certain languages, such as Hungarian and Icelandic, are not supported. Experience the future of voice chat communication with Promptheus.