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Create stunning AI art with ease using Prompt Hunt. With a vast library of templates and prompts, creatives can now easily create, edit and share consistent assets with their teams. The website offers affordable pricing plans, allowing users to create up to 1000 images per day and access to the unique DALL·E and Stable Diffusion services. Try Chroma today for free and take your artwork to the next level.

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Project Description

Prompt Hunt is an AI platform that enables creatives to generate unique art in seconds. With PromtHunt, users can create stunning visuals such as illustrations, logos, photography, 3D designs, and architecture in no time. The model is powered by Prompt Hunt's cutting-edge AI technology, which offers a large selection of templates that can be edited, shared, and customized as needed. With Chroma's user-friendly design, it's easy for beginners or experienced designers to create professional-grade content without breaking a sweat. The platform boasts Prompt Templates, which provides users with consistent templates that can be used for their design projects. Chroma offers a wide range of templates, such as Grand Theft Portraits, Chroma T-Shirt Designs, Soft Color Logos, and much more. By using these templates, you'll save time and effort in creating new designs. Chroma makes it easy to design in various styles with its drag and drop feature. The platform provides diverse vectors such as isometric, perspective, and soft color palette, ensuring that your artwork can match your desired style. Chroma goes beyond ordinary design tools and offers techniques that help create artwork at optimal times, such as golden hour. In addition, Chroma has pricing plans that cater to diverse user needs. The Essential plan provides users with seven days of free usage and costs $1.99 per month, with a limit of 50 images a day. The Pro plan provides users with 500 images per day, 800 DALL·E images per month, and costs $9.99 per month. Finally, the Pro+ plan provides users with 1000 images per day, 800 DALL·E images per month, and costs $14.99 per month. Overall, Chroma is an excellent platform for creatives looking to create unique and high-quality art without the hassle of long hours spent designing. With its efficient design, user-friendly interface, and diverse range of templates, Chroma is a must-try for anyone looking to take their creativity to the next level. Sign up for a free account and get started with Chroma today.