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Experience the power of AI voice changer technology with Altered. Change your voice to custom voices, create professional voice performances, and bring your audio projects to life.

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Project Description

Altered is revolutionizing the world of audio production with its state-of-the-art AI voice changer software and services. The platform empowers users to augment their voices and create compelling professional voice performances that captivate audiences. Whether you are a content creator, voice actor, or audio producer, Altered offers a range of unique technology that allows you to transform your voice to any of the carefully curated portfolio or custom voices available on the platform. With Altered's unique speech-to-speech and performance-to-performance technology, users can create engaging multi-character performances, drive entire productions by themselves, and render high-resolution synthetic speech that is indistinguishable from real human speech. The platform also offers the ability to clone voices, providing users with the flexibility to create the specific voice they need for their projects. This may include the voice of a famous actor, a voice talent, a friend, or even a younger version of oneself. Altered also provides a convenient browser-based voice editor that enables users to record and edit their voice recordings anywhere, anytime. With a wide range of features designed to optimize the audio-editing workflow, Altered ensures maximum security and efficiency in audio production. Altered's impact extends to game development, fiction podcasts, and various creative industries, where its technology is helping push forward the democratization of audio production. Testimonials from industry leaders highlight Altered's transformative role in creating fast assets, high-quality ideation, and advancing cutting-edge technology solutions. Join the Altered community and experience the endless possibilities of AI voice changer technology. Enhance your audio projects, and let your creativity soar with Altered​