Podium is an AI-powered copywriting tool for podcasters, producers, and marketers, which saves you time and money while delivering high-quality content. With features for generating show notes, transcripts, highlight clips, social media posts, and more, Podium streamlines your podcast production and reach. Try it for free and see how it can supercharge your podcast today!

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If you're a podcaster looking to streamline your production process and create high-quality content in less time, Podium has the tools you need. With AI-powered features for creating show notes, transcripts, social media posts, and more, Podium not only saves you time but also helps make your podcast more accessible and discoverable to audiences. And the best part? You can try Podium for free, with up to 3 hours of audio and no signup or credit card required. Some of Podium's standout features include AI-generated show notes that summarize your episode and break it down into easy-to-read chapters, ready for Spotify and Youtube. The transcripts Podium generates are also high-quality and come in both .TXT and .VTT formats. Additionally, Podium can find and timestamp the "best of" moments in your episode, which can then be turned into highlight clips with transcripts for social media sharing. Plus, Podium provides highly-relevant keywords to make your podcast more discoverable to fans and search engines alike. Don't just take our word for it, though - podcasters of all kinds are loving Podium. From saving up to $150 per episode to cutting their production time from hours to minutes, podcasters are finding that Podium makes creating high-quality content easier than ever. Whether you're a podcaster, producer, marketing director, or engineer, Podium has the tools you need to succeed. And when it comes to sustainability as a full-time podcaster, Podium is here to help with informative articles like "How to sustain yourself as a full-time podcaster." And if you're a business looking to integrate cutting edge features into your applications, Podium has you covered with API access. So why wait? Try Podium today for free and supercharge your podcast production.