Digital Art Creation


Discover the joy of digital art creation with Pinegraph | Magic Sketchpad. The AI-powered tool offers an intuitive drawing canvas for creating beautiful art with color-filled shapes.

Screenshot for Pinegraph

Project Description

Pinegraph | Magic Sketchpad is an AI-powered art sketchpad designed to empower users to create stunning digital art with ease. Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner exploring the world of artistic expression, Pinegraph offers an intuitive drawing canvas where you can drag and release shapes to fill with vibrant colors. Unleash your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life with this versatile and innovative tool. Pinegraph provides users with advanced features such as Amplify, Latent Diffusion, Midjourney, Dall E, Image Gen, Generator, Amplification, AI Art, Dreamlens, AVQGAN, and more, allowing you to elevate and experiment with your art. The user-friendly interface makes the creative process enjoyable, and you can even copy your masterpiece to the canvas and publish it to the app for others to see. In addition, Pinegraph offers options for advanced configurations and editor configurations, ensuring a personalized and customizable art creation experience. Experience the magic of digital art and transform your artistic ideas into visually captivating pieces with Pinegraph | Magic Sketchpad. Perfect for artists, hobbyists, and creative minds, Pinegraph is the go-to platform for digital art creation and expression​