Ad-Free Private Search


Neeva offers 100% ad-free and private search, blocking third-party trackers and prioritizing user privacy. Explore the web without ads and take control of your browsing experience.

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Project Description

Neeva is redefining the search engine landscape by offering the world's only ad-free, private search engine. Created with a commitment to user privacy and a superior search experience, Neeva enables users to search and browse exactly as they do today, but with the added benefit of an ad-free environment and robust privacy protections. With Neeva, you can enjoy 100% ad-free searches and block all third-party trackers that help advertisers chase you across the internet. Unlike other search engines, Neeva never sells or shares members' data with any third party, and it doesn't show third-party affiliate links that bias your search results. Neeva offers two plans for members to choose from: a Free Basic membership and a paid Premium membership. The Free Basic plan is full-featured and allows members to search both the web and connected personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox, set news and shopping preferences, and search from multiple devices. Neeva's Premium membership takes privacy and convenience to the next level by enabling unlimited searches, a Premium Password Manager, VPN, and more. In addition to its web platform, Neeva offers an iOS browser app and a browser extension that is compatible with all major browsers. Both the mobile app and browser extensions prevent trackers from following you, further enhancing your privacy. Whether you are researching, shopping, or simply browsing the web, Neeva's ad-free and customer-focused approach allows you to create a personalized and secure search experience. Join the growing community of users who value their privacy and choose Neeva for an unparalleled browsing experience​