MusicCaps Dataset

MusicLM by Google

Discover the MusicCaps dataset, containing 5,521 music examples each labeled with aspect lists and free text captions. Unlock insights into the generative process of MusicLM.

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Project Description

MusicCaps is an innovative dataset that provides researchers, musicians, and AI enthusiasts with access to a rich collection of music examples and their corresponding text descriptions. Composed of 5,521 music examples, each entry in the MusicCaps dataset is meticulously labeled with an English aspect list and a free text caption, both written by musicians. Aspect lists consist of comma-separated phrases that describe the music, such as pop, tinny wide hi hats, mellow piano melody, while the free text captions offer a more detailed written description of the music. Released by Google through Kaggle, the MusicCaps dataset is part of the larger initiative to explore the generative capabilities of the MusicLM AI model, which can create high-quality musical audio from text descriptions. The dataset is intended to give researchers the opportunity to study and understand the generative process of MusicLM, and to explore the fascinating intersection of music and artificial intelligence. With audio clips matched to Google's AudioSet, users can delve into a world of diverse music genres and gain valuable insights into the relationship between text and musical audio. Whether you are a researcher exploring AI-generated music, a musician seeking inspiration, or an enthusiast passionate about the advancements in AI technology, the MusicCaps dataset offers a valuable resource to fuel your exploration and creativity. Discover the possibilities and unlock the potential of AI-generated music with the MusicCaps dataset.