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Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is your passport to the metaverse! Create your own avatar once, and use it across multiple virtual worlds with a consistent identity. Customize your avatar with hundreds of options and even buy limited NFTs to trade or sell on a marketplace of your choice. As a developer, integrate Ready Player Me into your product in less than a day for free. Stay up to date with our latest updates and tools by signing up for our developer newsletter.

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Project Description

Get ready for the metaverse with Ready Player Me's cross-game avatar platform! Create your unique avatar with just a selfie or choose from a selection of pre-made avatars and customize it with over 300 options. With Ready Player Me, you will have a consistent identity across more than 10,500 supported apps and games. Plus, you can own your avatar look by buying limited NFTs and trading or selling them on your preferred marketplace. Are you a developer? Ready Player Me offers free integration of its avatar system into your product in less than a day. With seven years of expertise, we make it easy for you to animate your way and enable industry-first, two-way interoperability. Check out our documentation and developer newsletter for more information. Stay informed with our blog's updates, which include enhancing NFT wallets, unlocking true avatar interoperability with Mini Royale: Nations, and much more. Join the metaverse revolution and create your passport to virtual worlds by signing up with Ready Player Me today!