Meaningful Code Tests for Busy Devs



CodiumAI offers non-trivial and trivial test suggestions right inside your IDE to help developers code smart, create more value, and stay confident while committing changes. With TestGPT, meaningful tests are suggested as you code, freeing up time to develop useful features for your users. Join the CodiumAI community to get full visibility of how your code behaves, and find edge cases and suspicious behaviors to write reliable code. However, while AI and ML have come a long way, CodiumAI encourages users to double-check the generated tests to ensure code integrity.

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Project Description

CodiumAI has just raised a whopping $11 million and they are hiring! With this innovative tool, busy developers can generate non-trivial and trivial tests suggested right within their IDE. This way, developers can write code that works the way they want it to and with CodiumAI's help, they can code smart, create more value, and stay confident when they push. The tool generates meaningful tests, finds edge cases and suspicious behaviors, and empowers developers to write reliable code. With Code analysis, Test plan, and Test code features, developers can get full visibility of how their code behaves and how the changes they make affect the rest of their code. TestGPT analyzes code, docstring, and comments and interacts with the developer to suggest tests as they code. Developers only need to accept and commit them. CodiumAI supports Python and (coming soon) JS, TS, Java and tackles big and complicated code. With CodiumAI, developers can spend fewer hours writing questionable test cases and more time developing useful features for their users. Unlike code coverage quotas, meaningful tests actually check code functionality, giving developers the confidence needed to commit. CodiumAI helps developers improve code integrity, and the community is invited to share experiences, hear insights from others, and ask questions. CodiumAI users rave about the tool, with one saying, "It's a game-changer in test writing. CodiumAI is a must-have tool for any developer who cares about the quality of their code." Another user exclaimed, "It decreased development time significantly." CodiumAI takes security, privacy, and compliance seriously, and only necessary code is analyzed. Data is SSL Encrypted, and it has a SOC2 certification. While CodiumAI isn't perfect, it needs developer help and has been designed to be interactive so that developers can edit and perfect generated tests. Join the CodiumAI community today and start generating meaningful tests with ease!