Markprompt offers enterprise-grade AI chatbots that can be connected to any source of content, including private repositories. With easy setup and customization, you can have a chatbot up and running in minutes to answer your customers' questions. Plus, with feedback and analytics features, you can continuously improve your content. With a generous free-tier and scalable pricing plans, Markprompt is perfect for any project at any scale. Start for free today!

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Project Description

Markprompt is the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes looking for an easy way to answer their customers' questions. With Markprompt, you can connect any source of content, from public websites to private GitHub repos, and configure the design and tone to create a chatbot that represents your brand. In mere minutes, you'll have a chatbot that can answer your customers' questions, and if it can't, you'll get notified so you can take action. Markprompt is designed to be incredibly easy to use, with no setup required. You can sync a website, a GitHub repo, a Gitbook docs site, a Zendesk knowledge base, or simply drag and drop files. Markprompt also offers customizable options, allowing you to fine-tune the prompt and model parameters to match your tone, language, and use case. With a generous free-tier and scalable options as you grow, Markprompt is an enterprise-grade AI chatbot that can help businesses of all sizes. The Markprompt website features an intuitive UI that allows customers to quickly navigate their account settings, usage analytics, daily queries, and reported prompts. Markprompt encourages user feedback and analytics to pinpoint shortcomings and improve their content. They also offer a broad range of pricing plans, from a free hobby plan for personal and non-commercial projects, to a pro and enterprise-level plan for large-scale projects. Markprompt aligns with larger enterprise security concerns and is SOC2 compliant. Their source code is available on GitHub, and with white glove onboarding and dedicated support options, businesses can rest assured that their chatbots are in good hands. The Markprompt team is committed to creating the best AI chatbot solution. Try it today, connect with your customers, and improve your business's online presence.