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Transcribe audio files into text effortlessly with MacWhisper, an AI-powered transcription tool using OpenAI's Whisper technology. Get accurate transcriptions in seconds and enjoy a range of features for seamless audio to text conversions.

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Project Description

MacWhisper is a state-of-the-art audio transcription tool powered by OpenAI's Whisper technology, designed to provide users with quick, accurate, and efficient audio-to-text transcriptions on Mac. Whether you're recording important meetings, lectures, or any audio content, MacWhisper is capable of delivering high-quality text transcriptions in a matter of seconds, up to ~30x realtime. Simply drag and drop audio files to obtain transcriptions, and rest assured that all transcription is done on your device, ensuring data privacy and making MacWhisper an ideal choice for handling sensitive audio. With MacWhisper, users can search the entire transcript, highlight words, playback audio while syncing to transcripts, and export transcripts in formats such as .srt, .vtt, and CSV. The tool supports transcription in over 100 languages and offers a Pro version for users seeking batch transcription, speaker identification, and audio translation features. MacWhisper Pro also includes Tiny, Medium, and Large language models for industry-leading transcription quality. MacWhisper's user-friendly interface allows users to edit and delete segments from transcripts, select transcription language, and automatically remove filler words. The tool supports various audio formats, including mp3, wav, m4a, and mp4 videos, and allows users to record and transcribe system audio. MacWhisper requires no subscription, offers unlimited transcriptions, and ensures access to all current and future features with a one-time payment. Whether you're a professional, journalist, or student, MacWhisper delivers a seamless transcription experience to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Explore MacWhisper's unparalleled capabilities and transform your audio content into accurate text transcriptions today.