AI for B2B Growth


Looti is an AI-powered platform for B2B growth, generating qualified leads and providing insights to boost sales. Achieve your goals with AI discovery, custom filters, and enriched data.

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Project Description

Looti is revolutionizing the world of B2B growth with its AI-powered platform designed to generate qualified leads and provide valuable insights that drive sales. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Looti offers a comprehensive solution for discovering and targeting hyper-targeted B2B audiences with precision. Our AI technology finds your perfect audience from mail lists, CRM data, or Linkedin profiles, clustering data to help you reach your ideal customer. With the ability to add fine-tune filters such as job titles, keywords, industry, company maturity, technology, hirings, and fundings, Looti delivers ultra-qualified leads that match your audience—complete with actionable information like Linkedin profiles, emails, and phone numbers. Looti AI provides your best audience attributes, allowing you to segment data like a pro and quickly reach your targets. The user-friendly interface, built-in data enrichment, and super-reactive support make Looti the go-to platform for businesses looking to grow their sales and achieve success. With in-app integrations with your favorite tools and CRM analysis, Looti empowers you to turn leads into revenue. Experience the future of B2B growth with Looti's AI-generated leads and insights. Get early access and unlock your business's full potential with Looti.