Kaedim makes 3D modeling a breeze with automatic texturing and custom model generation in minutes. Get production-ready assets with plugins for your favorite modeling tools. Try it out with a trial and see why game studios rely on Kaedim for ten times faster asset creation. Backed by industry leaders and optimized for quality, Kaedim is the future of 3D modeling.

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Project Description

Kaedim is a cutting-edge 3D modeling software that enables users to generate high-quality 3D models in minutes, with no prior modeling experience required. Whether you're building VR games or creating digital art, Kaedim's powerful technology allows you to effortlessly create 3D objects from 2D images. With the click of a button, Kaedim creates production-ready models complete with automatic texturing and coloring, saving you hours of tedious work. The software is optimized for usable, production-level 3D assets, ensuring that outputs meet the highest industry standards. Kaedim's intuitive software integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow, allowing for hassle-free integration with your favorite modeling tools. With plugins for your favorite modeling tools, you can easily level up your final tweaks and make the most of the power of generated models. Kaedim is backed by the best in AI and gaming, with investors ranging from Google to Roblox. Kaedim offers a free trial that enables users to try out the software and experience the magic of automatic 3D modeling. With the trial, you can generate up to three model generations and see for yourself what all the hype is about. Users rave about the time-saving benefits of Kaedim, with one user saying that their 3D artist was completing complex projects in 10 minutes instead of 3 hours. Another user expressed amazement at the tool's capabilities, stating, "I am not a 3D modeler nor an artist and I have no idea how you guys possibly created this. It's such an incredible tool." With Kaedim, the possibilities for 3D modeling are endless. Experience the future of 3D modeling with your own personal 3D artist to create anything you can imagine in minutes.