Humanlinker helps sales teams make more appointments by giving them the keys to hyper-personalise their interactions across all channels.

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Project Description

Humanlinker, a sales optimization tool that helps sales teams book more meetings by hyper-personalizing interactions across all channels, has recently acquired MyProfilia and launched its new chrome extension. With a recent funding of 2.5 million euros in April 2022, the company is set to revolutionize prospecting and selling for top sales teams. Humanlinker works by offering AI generative icebreakers, DISC personality analysis, 360-degree account and people intelligence, buying signals, and CRM enrichment, all of which enable sales teams to personalize their interactions flawlessly. The tool offers a unique level of personalization, leveraging information from social media platforms, podcasts, interviews, articles, and personality analysis to help teams book more meetings and shorten their sales cycles. The platform's AI-powered icebreakers and DISC Personality Analysis tools are designed to help sales reps establish trust, communicate effectively, and negotiate successfully with their prospects. Humanlinker works seamlessly with other sales technologies, including LinkedIn, Hubspot, Salesforce, Salesloft, and Outreach, providing sales teams with all the tools they need to grow their revenue with unwavering efficiency. The company's recent acquisition of MyProfilia and the launch of its new Chrome extension have further improved its sales optimization tools. The extension allows sales reps to supercharge their pipeline with the power of personalization, enabling them to personalize LinkedIn bio, last experience, education, and recent activity. This level of personalization helps sales reps make a bigger impact in every meeting and shorten their sales cycles. Humanlinker's unique sales optimization tools have received rave reviews from its customers, with many saying that it has helped them increase their open and response rates by multiples. The company is committed to improving sales performance and is constantly developing new features to improve its sales optimization tools. If you're looking to increase your meeting book ratio and supercharge your sales team, Humanlinker is the tool for you. Contact them today at to learn more.