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Hugging Face is the home of machine learning, offering state-of-the-art AI chat models to everyone. Join the community to build, train, and deploy your own ML models and solve problems with AI. With thousands of creators collaborating, explore tasks like image classification, object detection, question answering, and more. Our open-source transformers library supports all ML models, and our inference API allows you to run large-scale NLP models in milliseconds. Join the journey to advance and democratize NLP with Hugging Face.

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Project Description

Hugging Face is a community-driven platform that aims to make the best AI chat models available to everyone with its latest addition, HuggingChat. As the hub for machine learning, Hugging Face allows creators to build, train, and deploy advanced models powered by the reference open source in machine learning, attracting over 97,982 stars and more than 5,000 organizations, including big names such as Google AI, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft. This platform is not only home to machine learning but also an active community of thousands of creators who collaborate to solve audio, vision, and language problems with AI. They have created and shared more than 35,000 state-of-the-art models, clustered into tasks such as image classification, object detection, summarization, and translation among others. One of the most remarkable services offered by Hugging Face is Transformers, its natural language processing library that supports models from other libraries such as Flair, ESPnet, and Pyannote, to mention a few. Hugging Face's Inference API allows creators to serve models directly from their infrastructure, running large-scale NLP models in milliseconds with just a few lines of code. For instance, DistilBERT, a smaller, faster, lighter and cheaper version of BERT obtained via model distillation, is a product of Hugging Face's contributions to the development of technology for the better. This notion of advancing and democratizing NLP is the essence of Hugging Face's research contributions and open-source projects. On top of all these incredible features, Hugging Face is also opening its doors to all creators who aim to start their ML journey, providing expert acceleration programs. Hugging Face's expertise in machine learning is incredibly vast, and it is a company that is always supportive, offering resources that range from newsletters, course material, and a forum that helps creators connect and share knowledge. Join Hugging Face today and discover a community that is dedicated to the future of AI.