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texti.app is an AI-powered copyright helper tool that offers automated copyright protection for your original content. Easily accessible as a Chrome extension, texti.app helps with content strategy and business growth.

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Project Description

texti.app is an innovative AI-powered copyright helper tool that is designed to offer automated copyright protection for your original content. The tool lives right in your browser, making it easily accessible and highly convenient for users looking to safeguard their intellectual property. Whether you're a content creator, a writer, or a business owner, texti.app understands the content you are creating and provides automated protection to ensure your work remains original and secure. In addition to its primary function of copyright protection, texti.app is an invaluable resource for those looking to create original content without the time-consuming process of research and writing. The tool's capabilities extend to content strategy development, assisting users in creating a roadmap for their content that aligns with their business goals and growth objectives. Ease of use is a central feature of texti.app. Users can simply download the Chrome extension to start using the tool immediately. The extension is available for free and is capable of answering up to 92067 questions, making it an ideal companion for those seeking quick and accurate answers to their queries. Additionally, texti.app provides competitive rates and flexible repayment options, catering to a wide range of users with different financial preferences. Whether you're an individual creator or a larger organization, the tool offers a cost-effective solution to content protection. Ultimately, texti.app serves as a reliable and efficient tool for those who want to protect their content and grow their business quickly. By leveraging the power of AI, texti.app delivers robust copyright protection, content creation assistance, and strategic insights to help users achieve success in their creative endeavors. Join the texti.app community and experience the benefits of this cutting-edge AI-powered copyright helper tool​