Democratize your LLMs with h2oGPT, the open-source generative AI platform. Rapidly solve business problems with AI and automate the data science lifecycle. Join 20,000 global organizations using H2O.ai and transform your organization and customers with endless solutions. Request a live demo now.

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Project Description

If you're looking to rapidly solve business problems with AI, look no further than h2oGPT. This open-source generative AI allows organizations like yours to create your own large learning models while maintaining data integrity. With the H2O AI Cloud, any individual data analyst, developer, or data scientist can make world-class AI models and applications in a matter of minutes, putting AI into the hands of business users. Our state-of-the-art AI platform enables organizations to not only transform themselves, but also their customers, communities, and the world. With automated data science lifecycle management, operating across the enterprise, AI innovation, and intuitive app delivery, the H2O.ai platform delivers endless solutions. Join over 20,000 global organizations already using H2O.ai to transform into AI companies. Our unmatched AI expertise is leveraged from a team of Kaggle Grandmasters, who have digitized their best thinking into software. Download our whitepaper on AI "Pilot-itis" to learn seven high-impact initiatives that can drive value for healthcare providers. Get started with h2oGPT now and make data and AI deliver significant value to your organization.