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GptGO - ChatGPT From Any Tab

Boost your browsing and study productivity with GptGO, the ChatGPT browser extension that enables quick and instant searches without leaving your current tab.

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Project Description

GptGO is a cutting-edge browser extension that brings the power of ChatGPT to your fingertips. Designed to streamline your online experience, GptGO allows users to conduct instant searches on ChatGPT without ever leaving their current tab. With the Quick Search feature and a lightweight popup interface, GptGO eliminates the need to switch between tabs or open new windows, enhancing efficiency and elevating study productivity. Whether you're conducting research, seeking answers, or exploring new topics, GptGO provides a seamless way to access valuable information on ChatGPT. The latest GptGO version 3.0 introduces exciting features, including the ability to start new chats, view search history, and benefit from faster search times—all from the convenience of the popup interface. With support for ChatGPT's API and stability improvements, GptGO ensures a smooth and reliable user experience. As a company that values integrity, GptGO emphasizes that the extension is not to be used for academic dishonesty, plagiarism, or any unethical purposes. Users are responsible for adhering to ethical standards and maintaining academic honesty in their use of GptGO. With over 30,000 users, GptGO has become a popular choice for those seeking an intuitive and efficient way to access ChatGPT. Experience the convenience and power of GptGO and take your browsing experience to the next level.