Generative Engine


Generative Engine by RunwayML is a storytelling machine that automatically generates synthetic images as you write new words and sentences. Experience the magic of visual storytelling.

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Project Description

Generative Engine by RunwayML is an innovative storytelling machine that brings your words to life by automatically generating synthetic images as you write new words and sentences. Designed to enhance the creative writing process, Generative Engine provides users with a unique and interactive way to explore visual storytelling. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, including the AttnGAN model, Generative Engine seamlessly transforms textual input into corresponding images, enriching the narrative experience and adding a visual dimension to your writing. Whether you're crafting a story, poem, or descriptive text, Generative Engine helps you visualize your ideas and offers a new perspective on your creative work. Ideal for writers, artists, content creators, and anyone with a passion for storytelling, Generative Engine is an invaluable tool that sparks imagination and unlocks creative potential. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with words and images, and let Generative Engine guide you on a journey of exploration and discovery. User experience is at the heart of Generative Engine, and the platform's intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all skill levels to engage with the tool and generate compelling images. As you write, watch as the storytelling machine dynamically responds to your input, creating images that capture the essence of your words. Generative Engine by RunwayML is revolutionizing the way we approach storytelling by bridging the gap between text and visuals. Experience the magic of automatic image generation, and embark on a creative adventure with Generative Engine today. Write, explore, and enjoy the wonders of AI-driven visual storytelling with this groundbreaking tool​