Gen-2 by Runway


Gen-2 by Runway

Runway Research is at the forefront of AI systems for image and video synthesis. Their latest advancement, Gen-2, is a multi-modal system that generates new videos using text, images, and video clips. With various modes, including text to video and image to video, Gen-2 allows for customizable and high-fidelity results. Based on user studies, Gen-2 is preferred over existing methods. Join Runway and explore career opportunities for those passionate about reimagining creativity with artificial intelligence.

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Project Description

Looking for an innovative and groundbreaking AI system that can generate new videos using text, images, or video clips? Look no further than Gen-2 from Runway Research. This multi-modal AI system is the next step forward for generative AI, offering users the ability to create engaging and compelling film content like never before. With Gen-2, users can synthesize new videos that are both realistic and consistent. This is achieved by either applying the composition and style of an image or text prompt to the structure of a source video (Video to Video), or by creating entirely new videos using nothing but words (Text to Video). In addition to these modes, Gen-2 also offers a range of other capabilities, including stylization, storyboard rendering, and more. One of the most exciting aspects of Gen-2 is its high level of precision and control. Based on user studies, results from Gen-2 are preferred over existing methods for image-to-image and video-to-video translation, with a preference rate of 73.53% over the previous generation Stable Diffusion 1.5, and a rate of 88.24% over Text2Live. This makes it the new standard for video generation, and an essential tool for any creative professional or artist. At Runway Research, we are dedicated to building the multimodal AI systems that will enable new forms of creativity and bring magic back to making movies. Gen-2 represents yet another of our pivotal steps forward in this mission, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. So why wait? Sign in to Runway today and discover all the possibilities that Gen-2 has to offer.