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Hair by AI

Find the perfect hairstyle with Hair by AI! Our personal hairstyle assistant uses the power of AI technology to curate 500+ expertly designed hairstyles just for you. With just a few photos, you can try on different looks and share them with your stylist, beautician, and friends. Plus, join our Partner Program for additional revenue and improved client expectations. Upgrade your look with Hair by AI today!

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Project Description

Hair by AI is a personal hairstyle assistant that uses AI technology to help you find the perfect hairstyle that you didn't know you needed. Our platform allows you to try on over 500 expertly curated hairstyles, making it perfect for styling wedding parties or anyone looking for a new look. The process is simple: choose the hairstyles you've always wanted, upload 10-30 pictures of yourself (cropped to show just you for the best results), and download and share your AI hairstyles with your stylist, beautician, and friends. Salon owners, stylists, and beauticians can join our Partner Program for free and enjoy additional revenue and referrals, improved client expectations, and staying ahead of the curve. We use input photos to generate new hairstyles, and once the styles have been created, we delete the original photos to safeguard your privacy. Our data is stored on secure servers located in the United States, managed by third-party partners who meet the highest standards for security. Our payment processor is Stripe, and we don't retain or store any credit card information. We offer refunds for purchases made within the first 14 days, as long as the AI model has not been trained. Some of your images may sometimes appear to show a different person due to AI inaccuracies in capturing smile, age, eye color, and ethnicity, but we're committed to advancing AI technology to improve accuracy. Our system is compatible with JPG, PNG, WebP, and HEIC image file formats, but we don't support video files at this time. While it's difficult for AI to recreate a specific hairstyle exactly as it appears on a model, the eight photos we show for each hairstyle selection should provide an idea of what the new hairstyle will look like. Currently, we're staying laser-focused on women's hairstyles, but we're open to adding other styles based on demand. Whether you're a woman of a certain age or anyone looking for a fresh new look, Hair by AI can help you find the perfect style. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us through our Contact Us form. Get started today and unlock a world of new hairstyles with Hair by AI.