AI Captioning


Zeemo, the robust auto-captioning and video editing tool, automatically adds and translates captions for your videos in 17 languages with over 98% accuracy. Enhance your videos with dynamic styles and reach a global audience.

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Project Description

Welcome to Zeemo, the innovative AI-powered captioning tool that transforms your video content by automatically adding and translating subtitles. With Zeemo, creators and marketers have access to the most accurate and robust auto-captioning and video editing platform available. Automatic Captions - Zeemo's advanced AI technology allows users to automatically add video captions in 17 languages with an exceptional accuracy rate of over 98%. This remarkable precision ensures that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively to your audience. Dynamic Captions - Make your videos stand out with dynamic caption styles provided by Zeemo. Customize your captions to match your brand identity and enhance your video's visual appeal. Subtitles Translation - Zeemo empowers you to reach a wider global audience by auto-translating your videos with just one click. Communicate with viewers around the world and make your content accessible to diverse communities. Batch-Edit Captions - Save valuable time and effort with Zeemo's batch editing function. Easily correct and polish your captions to achieve professional-quality results. Subtitle Templates - Choose from a wide selection of templates, fonts, and colors to create your own customized subtitle styles. Personalize your captions to align with your creative vision. Video Editing - Trim and enhance your videos with Zeemo's all-in-one video creating tool. Add music and craft your masterpiece with the user-friendly video editor. Zeemo is revolutionizing the way content creators and businesses approach video captioning. Experience the ease and convenience of fast AI captioning with Zeemo and elevate your videos to new heights​