Fabrie is your ultimate design sandbox where infinite canvas meets tables, enabling design thinking and design making in one place. Collaborate effectively with your team and streamline your design process with Fabrie's user-friendly database, flexible space, and hassle-free presentation mode. With professional templates, synced record, and drag & drop functionality, Fabrie makes organizing research materials and design files easier than ever. Hear what our satisfied users have to say and try Fabrie today, the ultimate tool for designers, by designers. Get early access now.

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Project Description

Looking for a design sandbox to explore your ideas and creativity? Look no further than Fabrie. Our platform is the perfect solution to bring infinite canvas, tables, design thinking, and design making all into one place. We offer a shared space for teams to collaborate, a virtual space to explore bold ideas, a storage space for your design documents, and a flexible space to adapt to your design process. Take advantage of our user-friendly database with custom views for everyone on the team and link items on the board. Use our professional templates to get started faster and restore order with a simple drag and drop interface. Need to find things faster? Use our "synced record" feature to annotate drawings with a list. Our platform is designed for designers, by designers, and loved by many, as seen in our testimonials. Our users appreciate the ability to organize their research, manage their conversations with clients, and view drawings on the go. Plus, our platform makes presenting your work a hassle-free experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create something awesome with Fabrie. Get early access today and start exploring a new digital experience that brings you the clarity and freedom of working on a cardboard wall from anywhere in the world. Register, sign in, and join our community for more fun, or reach out to us at hello@fabrie.com. 2023 is going to be your year with Fabrie on your side.