Dify offers an easy-to-use LLMOps platform where you can create and operate AI-native apps based on models like GPT-4. With fully customizable templates and compatible ChatGPT plugins, you can build AI-powered apps in minutes. Plus, Dify's visual composition and smooth experience allows you to unlock the full potential of LLM and improve your AI applications in real-time. Get started for free and define your own AI-native Apps with Dify today!

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Project Description

Dify is an LLMOps platform that allows you to easily create and operate AI-native applications based on models like GPT-4. With Dify, your team can develop applications visually and deploy them in as little as 5 minutes. You can use your data as the context for AI by automatically completing text preprocessing, vectorization, and segmentation. Plus, Dify is compatible with ChatGPT's plugin standards, allowing you to benefit from rich tool capabilities like search, database connectivity, and sensitive word avoidance. Dify supports GPT-4 and other models and provides a smooth experience for model access, context embedding, cost control, and data annotation. The visual composition starting from a prompt allows you to transcend the limitations of the prompt and provides rich functionality for many scenarios through graphical user interface operations. Dify also offers APIs based on the back-end as a service concept, allowing you to access one API interface to complete the integration of plugins and long context. With continuous improvement and operation, you can observe the reasoning process of AI, visually check logs, and annotate data to improve them. Dify natively provides two types of applications: dialogue and text generation, both of which are open-sourced on GitHub, allowing you to create the applications you want based on them. With Dify, you'll have the tools you need to define your AI-native apps and take the next step in AI development.