Diagram · Design tools from the future.  Diagram • Design tools from the future.

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Create magical designs with Diagram's AI-powered design tools, including Magician for Figma designs, Genius for UI design iteration, and Automator for automating design tasks. Explore the future of design with UI-AI models made for designers. Unlock your creativity and generate design assets with ease. Join the future of design with Diagram.

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Project Description

Are you tired of spending hours on tedious design tasks? Look no further than Diagram's AI-powered design tools. With Magician, you can conjure up creativity and turn your ideas into assets with ease. Generate SVG icons for anything, get rid of Lorem Ipsum with Magic Copy, and effortlessly rename your layers with Magic Rename. And the best part? Magician works right inside your favorite design tool, Figma. But Magician isn't the only magician on the block. There's also Genius, your AI design companion. This AI model for designers uses smart elements and can iterate on your designs, providing smart recommendations that work with any design system. And don't forget Automator, which automates long, tedious design tasks with just a single click. Diagram's UI-AI technology combines the latest advancements in AI with creative prompting to generate design assets such as glyphs and emojis. And with their UI-AI Playground, you can generate design assets from anywhere on the web. Join the future of design with Diagram's incredible design tools, including Genius, Magician, and Automator, all powered by UI-AI.