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Create engaging presentation slides in seconds with SlidesAI, now supporting all languages. Say goodbye to manual slide creation and let the AI write the outline and presentation content for you. Customize the look and feel of your presentation and preview it before saving hours of time with our simple pricing plans for everyone. Available for Google Slides, with Microsoft PowerPoint integration coming soon. Join our affiliate program and start using SlidesAI today.

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Do you spend too much time creating presentation slides? Are you tired of manual and tedious work? Say goodbye to all the hassle with SlidesAI, the tool that creates presentation slides with AI in seconds. With SlidesAI, you can create professional and engaging slides from any text in no time. Our tool is suitable for everyone, whether you're a student, educator, or a business professional. Using SlidesAI is easy. Firstly, input the text that you want to create your presentation from, either by writing it directly in the text box or pasting it from any source. Secondly, it's time to give your presentation some personality. Customize the look and feel of your presentation by choosing from our pre-designed color and font presets or create your own custom look. Thirdly, preview your presentation, make any necessary final adjustments, and you're done! SlidesAI offers simple pricing for all users, whether you're just starting or looking for unlimited presentations. You can choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions with three different plans: Basic, Pro, and Premium. We assure you that our refund policy makes your investment risk-free. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the chat widget at the bottom right corner of the page. We're here to help you save time and effort by providing you with a trusty sidekick in the form of SlidesAI. Don't worry, our tool won't replace your job. Think of us as the sidekick essential to saving the day. SlidesAI is available in all languages, ensuring a global reach. We support all languages, whether you speak English, Español, Italiano, Português, Deutsch, العربية, 日本, or Français. Our tool is now compatible with all languages, allowing you to create presentations from any text in any language. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free and seamless user experience that saves you time and effort. At SlidesAI, your privacy and convenience are our top priorities. Our tool only works with Google Slides and we're currently working on integrating SlidesAI with Microsoft PowerPoint. If you don't use either of these, please send us a message with the name of the presentation software you're using, and we'll consider prioritizing it based on demand. In conclusion, start creating professional and engaging presentations with AI today and save hours with SlidesAI. Join our affiliate program and bring relief to yourself and others by introducing them to the wonderful world of SlidesAI. Install SlidesAI for Google Slides and revolutionize your presentations.