HelpHub is an AI-powered user assistance platform offering in-app help, natural language search, and non-annoying nudges. With HelpHub, you can make your help docs, walkthrough videos, and blog posts searchable in-app, always at your users' fingertips. Not only that, but HelpHub's custom ChatGPT feature allows you to train an AI-powered chatbot using your existing content. Experience the future with search that feels like magic and the ability to guide users on a quest. With integrations for Algolia, Appcues, Intercom, Segment, WordPress, YouTube, and Zendesk, HelpHub is built for developers and product teams. Get started today and develop delight, not code.

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Project Description

HelpHub is an AI-powered chat tool designed to assist users on any website. With its in-app help, natural language search, and non-annoying nudges, the tool offers a seamless user assistance experience. HelpHub acts as a help center within any app, making help docs, walkthrough videos, and blog posts searchable for users at their fingertips. The platform also trains custom AI-powered chatbots using content from the app, enabling users to search for features, data, and help content with ease. By giving users gentle nudges down happy paths, HelpHub intercepts confusion, spotlights features and nudges upgrades, making sure the users are in the right place at the right time. The platform guides users on a quest using checklists to move from "you are here" to "I love this product." The development process is effortless, with no coding required. Build, target, measure personalize experiences that feel native. CommandBar, with its built-in integrations, enables users to plug in existing tools. Users can use CommandBar as a frontend for Algolia search, trigger an Appcues flow with a command, automatically sync Intercom help documents with CommandBar, or deliver event data into Segment to analyze in your own tools. The platform also syncs WordPress help documents with CommandBar, and users can easily embed YouTube video content within the bar. HelpHub is a great resource for developers and product teams who wish to delight their users with personalized experiences. With documentation, pricing, and a changelog, users of HelpHub can stay up to date with every change and update made to the platform. Foobar Inc, the creators of HelpHub, value the privacy of their clients, and they have put in place measures to ensure security and comply with regulations. To remain in the loop, users can follow HelpHub on Twitter, LinkedIn, or G2 for best practices on building delightful, useful products. Get started today with HelpHub and experience AI-powered user assistance like never before.