Looking for a private search with one-click embedded knowledge hubs? Look no further than Collie. Our amazing search experiences give you access to all of your public data, with secure and fast crawling that keeps your content safe. Plus, with our Mixpeek API, you can easily add search to your website and wow your users with the best knowledge available. Check us out at [website URL], powered by the Mixpeek Team.

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Project Description

Introducing Collie – a powerful private search platform that automates the process of creating one-click embedded knowledge hubs for your website. With Collie, you no longer have to manually search and navigate through all of your website content and assets to create a knowledge hub that wows your users. Simply enter your website URL and watch as Collie fetches every asset and indexes them for quick and easy access. Powered by the Mixpeek API, Collie ensures that your website visitors have an amazing search experience with lightning-fast search results. But is Collie secure? Absolutely. Collie only fetches public data, ensuring that your website content remains completely safe and secure. If you need to search non-public data, simply reach out to the Mixpeek Team for assistance. As for the crawling process, Collie works quickly and efficiently to index all relevant content and files. Our advanced algorithms enable rapid crawling, so you never have to wait long to access the information you need. Using Collie is also incredibly easy. If you need help getting started, simply refer to our frequently asked questions section for guidance on how to add search to your website and delete your files if needed. And if you run into any issues, reach out to our team at for prompt support. So why go with Collie? With its ability to automate the process of creating a private knowledge hub that impresses your website visitors, Collie is the ultimate search solution for any website owner. And best of all, Collie is built with care by the Mixpeek Team, ensuring a user-friendly experience that you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about Collie and how it can help you boost your website's search capabilities.