AI-Powered Coding


Codeium offers an AI-powered toolkit for developers to enhance coding efficiency. Experience autocomplete, intelligent search, and AI-powered chat for a seamless coding experience.

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Project Description

Codeium is a cutting-edge platform that provides developers with a modern coding superpower through its AI-powered toolkit. The platform offers a free extension that allows developers to code with AI, taking their coding skills to new heights. Codeium's in-house models and infrastructure are integrated with popular IDEs, making it accessible and convenient for developers everywhere. The platform's AI-powered autocomplete feature helps developers write code faster than ever before, saving time and enabling them to ship products more efficiently. The intelligent search feature eliminates the need for clunky regexes, allowing developers to quickly find files and code related to their intent. Codeium Chat, an AI-powered chat feature, provides a helping hand to developers by generating boilerplate, refactoring code, adding documentation, explaining code, suggesting bug fixes, and more. Codeium is committed to protecting users from legal risks by ensuring that its models are not trained on nonpermissive code, unlike other AI coding tools such as Github Copilot. Thousands of developers around the world are already using Codeium for free to enhance their coding experience and accelerate product development. By installing the Codeium extension, users can unlock their coding superpowers and benefit from the next-generation AI capabilities offered by this revolutionary platform. Join the Codeium community and elevate your coding experience with the power of AI.