Code-GPT is a free VS Code extension that utilizes AI to provide instant explanations for your code within the code editor, saving you time and minimizing frustration. Increase your coding understanding and efficiency, improve your skills with in-depth analysis, and enjoy comprehensive code explanations with Code-GPT. Get started now!

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Project Description

Code-GPT is an AI-driven extension for Visual Studio Code that promises to provide users with instant explanations for their code right within the code editor. With this extension, you can quickly get explanations for selected code in real-time, increase your coding understanding and efficiency, save time and minimize frustration with clear code explanations, and improve your coding skills with in-depth code analysis. The installation process is straightforward – simply open Visual Studio Code and click on the Extensions icon in the left sidebar, search for "Code-GPT" in the Extensions Marketplace, and click on the Install button for Code-GPT. Using the extension is also very easy – select the code you want to understand in your VSCode editor, open the Command Palette by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P or Cmd + Shift + P on Mac, type "Explain Selected Code" and select the command from the list, and enter your email address if prompted. Then, wait for the response, and the explanation will be prepended to the selected code in your VSCode editor. With Code-GPT, you can enjoy instant and comprehensive code explanations, increasing your productivity as a developer. The author of this extension is Vaibhav Acharya, who can be reached on Twitter at @VaibhavAcharya_, and has a website and GitHub profile listed on the extension's overview page. This extension falls under the category of Machine Learning and is tagged with aicodecommentsexplanation, and is compatible with Universal. It comes with a range of other resources, including issues, repository, homepage, download extension, and details on project history. The extension has a good rating and several positive reviews from satisfied users. Overall, Code-GPT is an excellent addition for developers, providing them with a smart AI-powered tool to enhance their coding experience.