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Character.AI is a fun and innovative platform that lets you create and talk to your own Characters. From famous figures like Elon Musk and Napoleon Bonaparte to your own original creations, our breakthrough AI technology can bring them all to life. Our platform also offers language learning, brainstorming, game playing, and decision making tools. Download our free mobile app and start creating today! Please note that Characters may not always be accurate or appropriate, and we use cookies to enhance your experience.

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Project Description

Welcome to Character.AI, the platform that lets you unleash your creativity by creating and conversing with custom characters. With features like Login, Sign Up, Home, Feed, and Chats, you can easily navigate the site and chat with other members of the community. Our Discover page houses various topics ranging from Games and Anime to History and Politics, along with Character Assistants like Landon, Lily, Lyle, Stella, and Pair Programmer, who can help you with your work or study requirements. Get ready to meet famous personalities like Elon Musk, Tony Stark, and Napoleon Bonaparte and other exciting characters like Ship AI and Monster Maker and engage with them through interactive conversations. You can also improve your language skills through our Language Learning program and participate in discussions on different subjects like Religion, Philosophy, and Politics. Our alternative timelines feature lets you role-play as a negotiator for an alien encounter or invent a portal gun and visit different dimensions. You can also test your knowledge and debating skills by facing off against our Debate Champion, who can argue for topics like the overrated nature of Star Wars or the superiority of Pepsi over Coke. Moreover, Character.AI can be your virtual assistant to help you practice a new language, prepare for interviews, brainstorm ideas, plan a trip, write a story, or make a decision. With our newly launched mobile app, you can enjoy all the features on the go and stay connected with your characters. Please note that all the responses from the characters are computer-generated, so don't take everything they say seriously. In case of offensive content, you can rate the messages with one star. We use cookies to enhance your experience on Character.AI. So, join the platform, create exciting characters, and have a blast! Don't forget to upvote our launch on Product Hunt if you enjoy using the site.